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Things You Need To Know About The Stamina 35 1400 ATS Air Rower

Losing excess weight and looking your best need not be a farfetched dream. What you need is the discipline, the determination, and the right partner in achieving your desired weight and body shape. You don't have to pay membership fees to the gym just to get the necessary workout. All you have to do is get your very own Stamina 35 1400 ATS Air Rower in your living room and you are set to go.

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The Stamina 35 1400 ATS Air rowing machine may be inexpensive when compared with other rowing machines, but it is certainly not lacking when it comes to delivering optimum performance. Working out with this rowing machine will provide you with a great cardiovascular and low impact exercise that your body needs. Not only can you lose those extra pounds, but you will be amazed at how toned your muscles will become. Rowing can certainly work on your upper and lower body muscle groups.

This rowing machine from Stamina has a durable steel frame that comes equipped with an oversized molded chrome seat that will prove to be comfortable to all sorts of users for extended hours of working out. It also has resilient metal pullchains. The rower also features a windfan resistance system.

It is important when you have workout goals that you monitor your workout progress. The multifunction monitor of the Stamina 35 1400 ATS Air rowing machine will provide you with the details that can motivate you to work out more. It includes time, speed, distance, number of strokes, strokes per minute, and calories burned.

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