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Does your child have a extremely hard time in social situations? It could be that your child has Asperger syndrome. What is meant by "a very hard time in social situations"? Well, perhaps you've noticed some of the following symptoms that describe individuals with Asperger syndrome:

* An incapability to pick up on social cues, such as interpreting others' body language.

* A trend to carry on long, one-sided conversations with out even noticing whether the listener is listening or trying to switch the subject.

* Difficulty grasping the usually delicate differences in speech that can change how other's communication is received. For instance, children with Aspergers might not realize when a joke is being told, or could miss the sarcasm intended and, instead, may take a comment at face value.

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* Their own speech might be flat and tough to comprehend because of a shortage of pitch or tone.

* Uneasiness with some changes in routines.

* May either stare at others, or avoid eye contact.

* Might appear to not have empathy.

* Can be preoccupied with only one or two interests, that they're extremely knowledgeable about. This preoccupation limits on obsession. They might talk a lot about this interest, and often carry on one-sided conversations.

* Motor growth may be delayed, with trouble learning to ride a bicycle, eat with a spoon or fork, or other hand/eye coordination tasks, including that of handwriting.

* Easily overstimulated by lights, loud noises, or other stimuli.

A child with one or two of these symptoms does not essentially have Aspergersafter all, these symptoms might describe a majority of children you know. The secret to diagnosis is having a combination of these symptoms AND having severe difficulty with social situations. Parents might first observe this when their child begins to interact with other children. Is perhaps your kid not able to make friends with other kids?

Aspergers syndrome is grouped with other ASD, that include issues with communication and other social skills. But Asperger's syndrome is generally considered to be at the less severe end of this spectrum. Even though in few ways Asperger's is identical to autism, children with Asperger's usually have normal academic and language development. And they normally try harder to make friends and to interact with others.

Kids with Asperger syndrome vary in the severity of their symptoms, and in the number of the symptoms they exhibit. Because of this, no two children with Asperger are the same. Asperger's fundamental causes, thought to be genetically based, can't be "cured." Instead, treatment, in the form of either communication and social skills training or cognitive behavior therapy, could help your kid learn to more easily fit into their social world.

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