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Coppertone: Synonymous With Summer

For me, Coppertones smell and the beach are synonymous because that was the only place we used suntan lotion. Never mind we spent roughly 5% of our summer at the beach and 95% playing outside apparently sunrays in your own neighborhood we're benign.

It was a different era, indeed, because Coppertones original logo was an Indian chief, and it's slogan was, Don't Be A Paleface. Later the Indian was traded for a little girl whose dog was pulling down her bathing suit bottoms. Today, either image would be grounds for a lawsuit.

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Later their slogan changed to the paradoxical Beautiful Tan Today, Young Looking Skin Tomorrow! Its probably no coincidence that Merck, Coppertones parent company, also manufactures a product it calls, an innovative and sophisticated anti-aging and anti-wrinkle concept. No conflict of interest there.

And remember Noskote? That zinc paste worn by lifeguards and children too young to object? Nothing said, I can't outrun my mom quite like a nose covered in white goo.

So today while I may favor Neutrogena sunscreen in enough numeric combinations to make a mathematicians head spin, when I'm done in the sun I'll spray on Bobbi Browns Beach to continue my ode to summer. Actually, I could just dab Coppertone behind my ears instead.

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