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I am currently on antibiotics for tonsilitis

I am currently on antibiotics for tonsilitis which is making my life rather boring. It is somewhat frustrating that I can't ride my bike or do much else for that matter. I have used my time in bed to start making a woollen jumper, purely to pass the time. I decided a nice mouldy green colour would suit me best. I have come to the conclusion that from the amount of rain we have had the past week I question how much I would have enjoyed being outside training, so perhaps knitting would be a better sport for me in the long run.

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I am currently on half term holiday which means no college, but unfortunately working away in the local bike shop, the sole purpose of which is to scrape together some money for me to probably buy food or maybe at a stretch some new bike kit. Given the last week It would probably be wise to invest in something waterproof although any garment without holes would be better than the majority of my current winter cycling attire.

It makes me think back to the hardcore cyclists of the past riding in a woollen jersey and shorts through every type of weather. I imagine that a woollen jersey would sag quite considerably with the weight of water, the jersey stretched down to the knees look i imagine would be quite comical. Given the option of soggy woollen kit or some of the garish yet waterproof cycling kit available now the hipster within me would probably choose the more retro option. However un-functional you still have to look cool.. right?

I then realise that dying from pneumonia probably isn't the more preferable option.. and spending money on "cool" designer cycling kit that is the best of both fashion and functionality isn't really an option either. Bar knitting my own jersey I think ebay is my best option.

I'm going to spend my time in bed pretending that when I get back on my bike in the next few weeks that there will be glorious sunshine.

Posted in Food Post Date 07/15/2017