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A grill on a limited budget doesn't mean you have to settle

If you want to buy a grill on a limited budget you don't have to settle for an inferior product. Weber Spirit gas grills are affordably priced without sacrificing the kind of quality you would expect from a Weber grill. The Weber Spirit E-310 Gas Grill offers good value for your money and it can be yours for about $500.

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The Spirit series of Weber grills are made of stainless steel. They come in bigger sizes so you can grill for the whole family or for a medium-sized crowd. Weber Spirit grills are superior to other brands in the same price range.

Weber Spirit E-310 LP Gas Grill - Product Features

If you want a no-frills grill for your outdoor barbecue, the Weber 4421001 Spirit E-310 gas grill is exactly what you want.

This affordable grill does what it was designed to do exceptionally well. It may not have all the bells and whistles such as a side burner or infrared burner but it can grill food like nobodys business.

Two side tables provide ample space for your work area, and 536 square inches of total cooking area is sufficient for most grilling needs.

Durable Construction:

The Weber Spirit E-310 is made from quality materials and built to last yet it comes at an affordable price. It is constructed of steel, stainless steel and cast aluminum. The cooking grates and flavorizer bars are made with porcelain enameled steel.

This grill can withstand the rigors of grilling as well as exposure to the elements. Other brands of grills are built for short-term use but Weber products are built to last for many years.

Convenient to Use:

With three powerful burnersWeber Spirit E-310gets to a nice hot temperature in a matter of minutes. The electronic crossover ignition let's you light each burner instantly. The grills design maintains the heat evenly so you can cook your food fast. You can cook different types of food all at the same time.

The enclosed cart underneath the grill provides a storage area for the LP gas tank. You can also store condiments, utensils and dishes in the cart. Tool hooks allow you to keep utensils within easy reach.

The Weber 4421001 LP Gas Grill has a large cooking area where you can easily cook large quantities of food. Best of all, the food comes out perfect and evenly cooked all the time.

Flavorizer bars on Weber Spirit E-310 help prevent flare-ups by vaporizing juices and fat from the meats as you grill them. The vaporized juices and grease give a smoky flavor to your food that rivals the taste of charcoal-grilled foods.

Useful Extras:

A center mounted thermometer on the hood helps you keep track of the temperature to make sure that your meats are cooked through. If you want new grilling ideas, there's a cookbook that comes with Weber Spirit E-310 grill. There are recipes for tasty meals that you can try.

The grill also comes with heavy duty casters that roll smoothly so you can move the grill to another spot. The front casters can be locked to keep the grill from rolling away when in use.

Weber grills come with a limited warranty to protect your investment. The generous warranty is another proof of Webers commitment to excellence and complete customer satisfaction.


        • Solid construction and qualitymaterials


        • Grill gets to searing temperaturequickly


        • Easy to clean and maintain


        • Precise temperature control


        • Easy to assemble


        • Affordable price


        • Basic grilling only; no extrafeatures


        • Limited work space


What Customers Say About Weber Spirit E-310:

In general, customers are very happy that they purchased the Weber Spirit E-310 . They find that it is an excellent grill. It heats up very quickly and cooks food evenly. Heat distribution is uniform across the entire area of the grill. Most customers rate the grill 5 stars.

For some customers, one of the biggest drawbacks is the horizontal layout of the three burners. Because of the way they are positioned, the control knobs are located on the right side table. The knobs take away much of the available work space on the right side table. Thus, you only have the left side table for preparing your food or laying your dishes and utensils.

The Weber Spirit E-310 is only a basic grill and does not have the extra features found on high-end Weber grills such as a sear burner, smoker, side burner, or rotisserie. However, customers say it is an excellent grill and is good at what it was designed to do.

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